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 furniture • decor

furniture & accessories

Each item is created/curated by our designers, directed by Glen Peloso. We work with international suppliers to create unique product that marry quality & cost. "By Grafus, For You"

residential design

All of our studio staff can help you perfect your homes design with furniture, lighting and accessories, customized to suit your life. We help you do it or we can do it all for you.

design & build

We’re there from concept to finished creation. We make sure your vision is executed exactly as we design it for you. As one team, everyone fights for one vision, on time and on budget.

what we do.

We can help you create a space especially for you. From color, wall paper, carpets lighting, furniture and accessories; every element is touch by design. We help make your house, your home


design & build

From design concept to finished and furnished product, Grafus makes sure life works well in your home. Don’t alter yourself to suit your home, alter your home to be perfect for you.


interior design

Plans are the basis of a well designed home. Grafus completes your “design map” to go from a house to a home.

we are grafus your design visionaries

For 25 yrs Glen & team have designed beautiful spaces. Now we design, build, finished, furniture & accessories them. It’s a seamless process centred on Great Design
Your home/business should be designed for YOU in mind. The Grafus team designs then builds with our clients needs as our primary focus. We are designers who build our designs, not builders with design services. Design is at the centre of our process. Often the design concept is created with you and then, builders, electrical and mechanical engineers alter it. Clients, with little or no experience, have to determine what’s most important to budget and the design.
With Grafus, we use our expertise to take care of you and your design aspiration. We can take you right from Drawings to Drapery in a seamless turnkey process. The Grafus team believes you should know ‘How Long’, so you can organize you life, and ‘How Much’ so you can organize your finances. No “double the time and double the budget” with us. You deserve a home touched by design at every stage. We are the only design firm that delivers a design you can live in!